I've had my QC35's for over 6 weeks now and used them on the flights to the UK and coming home. It was a toss up between these and the new Sony 1000XM2 which were released pretty much line and date with the Bose.

I tried both on in store and found the Bose much more comfortable. I do have a pretty big head so maybe that was an issue? I also much preferred the look of the Bose and they seemed slightly better designed. I also got an absolutely storming deal on them for $348 which was something like $150 off of retail and then I got a further $40 back in GST.

I've not had noise cancelling headphones before so I don't have anything to compare to but they truly seem exceptional at cancelling out unwanted noise. The hum of the engines on the plane was practically inaudible and it made watching movies very enjoyable.

Battery life is stated at 20 hours and mine have certainly lasted that.

Overall, a great product and thoroughly enjoyable.