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Blue light filter glasses


Well-known member
Sep 24, 2018
Gold Coast
Hey guys

not the usual tech we talk about but here is a good one for you.

I haven't been trading for too long but for the time I have been, I have struggled to sleep after being on computer (normally in a darker room with bright monitors) all night. I have been told the blue light is bad for your eyes and strains them at night so I looked into getting blue light filter glasses. I don't wear prescription glasses and have pretty good eye sign but I have been using my new glasses for just over a week now and I've found that my eyes aren't as dry and itchy before going to bed and I'm able to wind down a little quicker. While technically working two jobs, both of which are in front of a monitor for long periods, I have learnt to value my sleep and this product has been amazing so far.

check out the link below!